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Elections 2012: The Truly Open Forum
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This is a Community for the polite debate and discussion of the upcoming 2012 Elections and the issues surrounding those elections. Everyone is encouraged to participate; though vugarities, spamming, trolling, and uncivilized attacks will not be tolerated.

If you have to be warned more than once, you will be removed from the Community. Politics are passionate, but they are no excuse to offend or disrespect others.

This forum was created to serve as an open and civilized place for discussion, debate, and the friendly exchange of ideas. Membership is open, and, provided you are not a flaming troll, anyone is allowed to join, post, and comment. No one need fear being banned for their political views, for not calling the moderator back after making out with them, or on a simple whim. You would have to actually do something to deserve being tossed out.

That being said... dive in!