Phoenix Rising (revolutionnow05) wrote in 2012_elections,
Phoenix Rising

Slavery never disappeared it just changed form....

Do we really have to wait until the draft comes back, or we enter into another illegal war before people will realize that we need to take our country back from our out of control government??
I just watched a documentary called "Berkeley in the 60s" last night and it discussed the movements that happened, how they got started, what success they had, and how they didnt have the focus that was needed to keep it sustainable. I pose a question to anyone that reads this.....If you were to start a revolution to change this country - what would you like to see happen? what NEEDS to happen for lasting change for the American people?
Personally I think 2 systems need to change, economy and education - we need to do away with the capitalism and we need to have free education for all....sounds a bit socialist - but thats because it is. Just because you were taught that socialism or communism was wrong (or that it doesnt work) doesnt mean it is...of course we will be taught that its BAD - our government is looking out for its own - why would they want to support a system that would destroy their own power? The people MUST take the responsibility back and move this nation forward! We have to stop being spectators of our own fake democracy and become an active citizen for the future of this country! We need to create something new, the system we have now no longer works, corporations, democrats and republicans alike are all deaf to the cries of the common American. Yet... we CAN have a working democratic socialist country!
I most often think of a huge pyramid scheme....all of the working class people at the bottom are supporting the top 2% of the country at the top....if everyone at the bottom moved the whole system would collapse.....its a matter of shaking up the mass population.....but how???
we are so desensitized.....under-educated.....over saturated with "information"....isolated from each other......and we feel are left with no voice - how do we take back the peoples power??? These are the questions i pose to you today! I want to start a discussion for change.....for sustainable change! What are your ideas??
"My notion of democracy is that under it the weakest shall have the same opportunities as the strongest." -- Gandhi
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